cyber risks -
Chances and challenges of industry 4.0

While the number of online purchases is growing steadily, workflow processes are automated increasingly and customer management systems are revolutionizing the sales, the associated risks such as hacker attacks and data loss are often underestimated of many companies. In this connection it does not matter if these are large or small companies, or even self-employed persons. The impact and financial damage, which are resulted by such cybercrime, are immense and in some cases even life threatening.

Claims often result from data protection violations, hacker attacks and extortion by hackers, personality rights violations and violations of property rights of a spiritual nature.

Conventional industrial insurances frequently do not cover sufficiently these cyber-risks. Therefore we offer you insurances 4.0 up-to-date, covering damages and costs of data loss, data recovery, crisis management, and also covering claims for damages on the part of any third parties. Just contact us and let yourself be well advised.