Directors & Officers insurance

The liability risks for executives, directors and managers never were higher than today. Claims for damages in the millions are not uncommon and can persons on management level, board members, senior executives, supervisory board members and people dearly with similar responsibilities even partly drift in the private ruin. Because, in cases of professional neglect of duty, they can be detained personally on an unlimited extent and are liable with their personal assets.

The D & O insurance can therefore produce relief. In order to ensure full insurance coverage, we identify and analyze the risks that arise for your company and its executives. We work together with you a suitable concept for you insurance that protects your adhering managers worldwide. The D & O insurance covers claims for damages and possible legal defense costs in criminal proceedings and is normally taken over by the parent company. Usually managing director, directors, officers and supervisory bodies of the entire corporate network are then insured.

Contact us and get consultet the best way possible when it comes to the many possibilities of risk coverage by D & O insurance.