d&o Retirement plans -
supply for directors of companies

For managing partner a very special situation arises in regards to their pensions. For a director of a company the amount of equity is crucial for the decision if it is a so-called dominant owner-manager. The decision need to be taken if it is an activity of an independent charakter and consequently no subject to social insurance contribution or is it a dependet employment with subject to social insurance contribution?

Generally managing partner are not or only insufficiently secured on the German Pension Insurance. Their contributions are usually above the income threshold and are therefore no longer effective for retirement. Even voluntary contributions reduce the pension gap often inadequately.

So-called pension plans, supplies by a pension fund or a company pension plan with coverage for risks such as disability are interesting starting points in order to ensure the protection of the managing partners and their families as well as to maintain the accustomed standard of living in old age.

Our employees enjoy working with you comprehensive pension concepts that are adapted to your individual needs.