employment law -
recovery and defense for officers and directors

As managing board or manager you are exposed to specific risks in the role of a legal representative for a legal entity. If there are any disputes regarding the employment contract between you and the company, then it can be expensive for you. At this point not the work but the civil court is responsible and here you bear the entire cost of risk. If you lose the case, not only your own legal costs will be accused, but also the the opposite side.

Protect yourself against these disputes! For cases of damage, such as the termination of your employment contract, non-payment or reducing your income or even disputes about your bonuses, severance payments or pensions are just a few of frequently appearing issues that are ultimately settled in court.

An insurance for employment law offers you insurance coverage and assumes costs for litigation all around your employment contract, for defense against claims for damages or in the case of criminal investigations.

Let our experts advise you comprehensively and protect your claims.