expat service -
Expatriate abroad, easy if you know how!

The persistent and continuing globalization leads to more and more deployment of employees, also called expats abroad. Be it in order to transfer know-how, to push projects or for promoting employees, the reasons for this a manifold.
This presents many companies with major challenges. Especially in regards to tax, labor, but also social insurance law there are many aspects to observe which create major risks with too little consideration.

The employees, but also their families, wish to receive a corresponding professional support in preparation of the deployment, seamless on-site support, and seamless reintegration upon return. All this is the responsibility of the company as a responsible employer.

The following actuarial aspects must be pointed out and should come to the fore:

  • Health Insurance: A worldwide insurance coverage for expatriates, including their families, need to be guaranteed for short, medium as well as long-term stays abroad

  • Unemployment insurance: Worldwide, uninterrupted supply in accordance with the scope of the German statutory unemployment insurance with appropriate subsequent insurance on return

  • Sickness allowance: Worldwide coverage considering different waiting period and benefit period

  • Pension Insurance: Global supply

  • Retirement / employment / disability pension: Worldwide coverage including survivors' benefits for expats as a substitute for the statutory pension insurance

  • Supplementary: Global hedge in the areas of international legal protection, international liability and accident abroad

  • Old-age benefits: continuation or interruption of occupational retirement provision in the home country

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