kidnap & ransom -
covering kidnappings and extortions

Foreign assignments of employees are now part of everyday life. Unfortunately kidnappings for ransom and extortions are also more and more included in some parts of the world in the daily business. This can lead to losses through ransom payments, business interruption, litigation and loss of image of your company.

No insurance in the world can undo the experience of abduction and the traumatic aftermath for the kidnapped person and the affected families. But a kidnapping and ransom insurance offers quick and professional help in acute cases and protects against potential financial risks. It will give you a crisis consultant set aside, which takes over the analysis of the situation and on-site consultation, developes strategic operations and is taking care of the necessary communication channels.

In addition to crisis counseling the benefits of a good Kidnap & Ransom insurance include also the coverage of the ransom demand, travel expenses, attorneys' fees and legal costs as well as rehabilitation costs.

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