professional indemnity -
an essential safeguard

You have an advisory role as a management consultant, IT service provider or as an association? Or are you serving foreign assets as an auditor, accountant or liquidator? You are providing contracts as real estate agent or are you furnishing opinions as an expert?

As different as the occupational fields are as diverse the errors may be, which may inadvertently occur, causing damage of different height. Often damage is caused to the assets of third parties such as your customers.

To avoid this, a pecuniary damage liability insurance does not cover damage or injury, but only claims for damages that have been caused to the assets of your customers or clients by unintended, professional malpractice.

Our experts willprovide you regarding the coverage level and the potential damage. You have to be cautious with that. Not the business size is decisive, but rather the degree of possible damage. Give us a call.