History - How it all began

Around 80 years in the service of customers

1948 Walter Dickgiesser, yearly experienced in insurance know how and father of the current company owner Dr. Gerhard Dickgiesser, is appointed to the general agent of Colonia and Basler insurance.

1981 Dr. Gerhard Dickgiesser occurs shortly after his graduation and together with his wife Michaela Dickgiesser the father's heritage.

In subsequent years, the insurance market and the customer's claim changes.

"Therefore, we decided to act as an independent insurance broker to provide our insurance on a broader basis and to represent companies from A (as Allianz) to Z (as Züricher)."

1991 the Dr. Dickgiesser assurance- IAT insurance broker is founded, where "IAT" stands for the key sectors engineers, architects and technologies.

The company is very successful and is expanding particularly within the information technology industry. Therefore, in 2000 the construction of an IT competence center is decided in a commanding location.

2002 follows the move into the premises of the IT portal.

With the pension reforms company pension plans are gaining in importance and is getting second specialization in addition to the IT industry. The meaning of "IAT" changes to "Institute for pension management".

2004 the company is renamed into the Dr. Dickgießer insurance broker OHG.

All is in motion. Shift the weights by globalization and the Internet. Cyber and IT risks, mobility, health, occupational pension schemes are keywords that are getting more and more important. We grow with these challenges and face them.

Because of globalization and expansion of our international business we have been perfecting our name, our design and our homepage.

2017 the company will be renamed into the ITUS GmbH.

Today, the dedicated team is composed of 15 people whose experiences are reflected in the successful insurance concepts. It is working with all major insurance companies in the German and international space.

ITUS - The Story of the surname

In Greek mythology Itus was initially a simple mortal who had great admiration for Apollo. He mastered the sword like no other and had never lost a fight. When times were moving, the other gods harbored increasingly jealous of Apollo, which then Itus chose to protect him. For this purpose, Apollo gave Itus two swords, called Xenious and Novelty. Itus protected Apollo and won a fight with the sword against the God Ares. As Apollo then asked Zeus to make Itus to God, he agreed to this, because he did not want to go against a mortal who had slain a god. Deified, Apollo released him from his oath and Itus could henceforth stand up for the innocent and defenseless and protect them.

In our sense, as an independent insurance broker ITUS stands for Insurance broker Technology based for Unique Solutions.
We always aim to advise you the best way within the meaning of God ITUS, to protect your interests and to protect and stand up for their rights in the insurance sector.

You can count on that.

The lotus flower - Our Logo

Our logo, an abstract lotus flower, is in various cultures an influential, unifying symbol since time immemorial. In Hinduism lotus flowers symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, infinity and endless youth. Just like in Buddhism it also means purity and divinity, their red color represents compassion, care and passion. The ancient Egyptians saw the lotus flower as a symbol of the sun and rebirth. In the modern era lotus flowers continues to be symbolic of honesty, high quality and perfection in its purest form.

In this sense, we can offer you honest advice of the highest quality and perfection that you can rely round and round.